10 songs you should be listening to for London 2012!

10 songs you should be listening to for London 2012!
It is here!  Yesterday, the London Olympics was officially heralded in with much pomp and pageantry! Fireworks, James Bond and The Queen! Can it get any better than that? Oh yes! On August 3 track and field will begin and the entire Jamaican nation will be glued to their televisions to witness the exploits of their athletes! Feverish excitement has already begun pumping through our veins as our hopes are high than it was Beijing. The question for you is what will you be listening to as we wait for August 3? Here are the ten songs that will be played and replayed on my iPod  for the duration of London 2012! 

1. Bad Card by Bob Marley

The black, green and gold flag will be going up the medal poles so many times that they will say "Jamaica AGAIN?!"  Bob Marley's  Bad Card has the answer to this, "You a-go tired fe see me face; Can't get me out of the race." Commentators, sportsmen and the viewing world a go tiyad a we face! The champions in our midst will make us proud and the Jamaican flag will be flown many times! Me say them can't get we out of the race!

2. Strong will continue by Nas & Damian Marley

Injuries, nay-sayers and doubters will be there for the athletes to deal with and one song that comes to my mind as a wayto settle  their minds! Strong will continue by Nas & Damian Marley!  "Only the strong will continue,do you have it in you?" The mettle embedded in each Jamaican soul will be shown as  they will answer with a resounding spirit as we will always rebound! The black triangles in our represent the adversity Jamaica has overcome and for hardships it may have in the future. And for each hardship our athletes will rise above it and make us proud!

3. Call me a yardie by Stylo G

"Call me a yardie, call me a yardie" Each and every jackmandora in Jamaica has their flag proudly highlighting their Jamaican-ness! Jamaica 50 and the Olympics has ignited the patriotic spirit of our nation and Stylo G's single, always gets me pumped as I proudly proclaim myself a yardie! The whola a we a yardie! 

4. Masicka's Jamaica Guh hard and done(Team Jamaica) 

Team Jamaica a guh hard and done!! Masicka's Jamaica Guh hard and done(Team Jamaica) with its fast beat and catchy lyrics captures the echo of our nation as we give them our full support and encourage them to "guh hard".  Support from their nation is what pushes our athletes to achieve even more so let us join together and celebrate them as we encourage them to go hard!  

5. Sweet Jamaica by Mr Vegas, Shaggy and Josey Wale

The mellow tune of Sweet Jamaica-Mr Vegas, Shaggy and Josey Wales in my ears always makes me want to grab a coconut jelly and do a skank! Highlighting the many positives our small island in its lyrics, the song always conjures the images of  the celebrated moments of Beijing especially when our three girls stood atop the medal podium with our flag flying high. I always wave my hand when the song directs you, "if you love Jamaica mek me see you hand".  "Mi proud a me island" described the warm feeling in my heart as our athletes walked the Olympic stadium today in London! Sweet sweet Jamaica me nah lef yah!

6. On the Go by Movado

Every time I listen to On the Go by Movado I end up running to watch clips of our winning efforts by Team Jamaica! "Bullet, Jamaicans faster than bullet" signifies the fact that our nation is the sprint capital of the world! Yes fi wi likkle nation! When  other countries see our colours on the track they quiver in their spikes and rightly so! "We going, we gone" Watch them try to catch us as Team Jamaica brings home the gold!

7.Jamaica United- Rise Up! -Various Artistes

Jamaica United- Rise Up! was made for our Reggae Boys in 1998 and is still one of the greatest songs ever made by our Jamaican artistes! We should all rally behind our athletes as they "rise up and stand and take their place" in London! Let us unite for our fiftieth year! Eliminate party lines and all different preferences and rally behind our athletes like we did for the Reggae Boys in 1998! It is time for us to run and jump on each other as we celebrate the efforts our athletes! First, second or last dem a fi we athletes so let us support dem no matta wat!  

8.Ruffest by Assassin

"We a di ruffest and our style a di tuffest" portrays our athletes mental and physical  strength! Assassin in Ruffest and Tuffest clearly highlights a characteristic common in all Jamaicans, strength and toughness!  We all watched as Melaine Walker ran her heart out while feeling excruciating pain and running from a terrible lane last  year! Her never let go attitude made us proud as a nation and though she didn't get the gold, her silver was celebrated as such! Let us embrace the toughness that it takes to  go onto the track and celebrate Team Jamaica's every effort!  

9.Rise to the Occasion by Sizzla

Though we are not in the athlete's head as they head out to train or compete there is always one song I would love for them to keep in mind. Rise to the Occasion by Sizzla! "Rise to the occasion, look at yourself den say yuh strong" is what  I want each and every representative of Team Jamaica to play on and on in their mind! I want them to put away  doubts and all other kinds of negative thoughts and focus on rising to the occasion and making them self and the nation proud! A fi we time now, go out and dweet!

10.Winner by Konshens

Go grab your pot covers and horns because  this year  Jamaica a the winner! Winner by Konshens is a song that epitomizes the mindset of Team Jamaica! All the athletes are going out with the intentions of winning everything they enter! Success is ours for the taking in London and we all wait with bated breaths for August three when track and field begins. Will we top Beijing? Will there be more world records? Let us watch as Team Jamaica goes out to compete! Win or lose they will always be winners in our heart! We likkle but we tallawah! 
Rosheika A. Grant 19 year old budding journalist who is a practical perfectionist. One of my main aims in life is to enhance the productivity, efficiency and marketabilty of our country by giving a voice to all sections of Jamaica.