3 interesting health benefits of Breadfruit plus facts

3 interesting health benefits of Breadfruit plus facts

Breadfruit health benefits

1) Bread fruit provides high energy to those who eat it through its carbohydrate, mainly needed by the body for warmth and maintenance during daily activities. 
2) The fiber present in breadfruit helps to make the intestines and bowels work properly by clearing out the junk from the intestines.
3) The dried fruit has been made into flour which is much richer than wheat flour and other essential amino acids. 

Breadfruit arrests major diseases 

The reason why breadfruit is considered as cholesterol controller is because it is a rich source of fiber. The kind of fiber in breadfruit actually lowers the LDL levels (the “bad” cholesterol) while raising the levels of the HDL (the “good” cholesterol) which protect the arteries.
Breadfruit protects the body from heart diseases and heart attacks, Other than this the fiber present in breadfruit help those with diabetes to control the disease to some extent by reducing the absorption of glucose from the taken food. Consuming breadfruit on a regular basis can reduce the risk of developing colon cancer. Breadfruit leaf is believed to lower blood pressure and is also believed to reduce asthma. Toasted flowers of the breadfruit tree are also rubbed on the gums as a cure for tooth ache.

Breadfruit Facts: 

There are two varieties of breadfruit, one is the seeded variety known as the breadnut, scientific name - Artocarpus camansi, and the other one is the seedless one. The seeds are boiled, steamed, roasted over fried and eaten with salt. Sometimes they are made in the form of a puree. 

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