Brand Jamaica Fashion - Patwa Apparel

Brand Jamaica Fashion - Patwa Apparel

If ever there was a doubt about the power and strength of “Brand Jamaica” then certainly the stellar performances of the Jamaican athletes in the London 2012 Summer Olympics coupled with the exuberance and vibrancy of our 50th anniversary of independence should allay those concerns. 

Patwa Apparel has long recognized the power of the Jamaican culture in its many forms – not the least of which is our language.  Patwa Apparel focus is on casual wear with the unique concept of using the Jamaican patois along with its associated English translation. For example, “tek weh yuhself” (leave). The brand targets those who are looking for an easy, carefree clothing experience that is bright and colourful, representative of their attitude to life. Essentially, it represents a trendy lifestyle for the hot, hip and happening.  Additionally, the Jamaican Diaspora and tourists looking to ‘bond’ with the culture/roots and Jamaican ‘vibe’ are major segments of the PATWA market.

PATWA understands that it is more poignant to say “nuh badda mi” as opposed to ‘leave me alone”.  Certainly, one cannot underestimate the power of this amazing language arising from the country’s historical heritage; it is a melting pot of languages, a little bit of African, English and Spanish to create this powerful communicating tool!

The line has showcased on the prestigious Island Couture in Jamaica organized by the Jamaica Fashion and Apparel Cluster, and since then not only has the line created waves in Jamaica, but in the Caribbean, United States and Europe.

The company is operated by its CEO – Heneka Watkis-Porter; she is a passionate entrepreneur who graduated from the University of the West Indies (Mona Campus – Jamaica) with a B.Sc. in Sociology and Management Studies (Hons).

Mrs. Watkis-Porter is a strong believer in the power of networking and strategic allegiance to achieve business growth, Watkis-Porter is a member of several trade organizations in Jamaica including the Small Business Association of Jamaica, the Jamaica Fashion and Apparel Cluster, Jamaica just to name a few.

Her mantra is to be ready at all times for any and every opportunity that presents itself.

Patwa Apparel is a proud Licensed Partner of Jamaica 50. The limited edition design created specifically for this is fittingly titled “We on di move” reflective of the dance moves past and present as well as the theme of the Jamaica 50 celebrations – A nation on a mission.

To see more of Patwa Designs check, www.facebook.com/JamaicaFashionCatalogue or email us at dulookcatalogue@gmail.com.

Carone Messado Carone Messado is executive producer of Du’ Look Jamaica, the Caribbean and Jamaica\\\'s first fashion Fashion Catalogue. The catalogue represents bold, cutting edge and innovative fashion collections from our top local designers.