Deanna Robins is through to the next round.

Deanna Robins is through to the next round.

Deanna Robins, Miss Jamaica World performs her talent during the auditions for the Miss World Talent Fast-Track. The final of the Talent Fast-Track will take place at the Ordos Charity Dinner on August 10.

After the end of a hard day for the judges, the first contestants confirmed to have to made it through to the next round are as follows: Bahamas , China , Panama , Philippines , US Virgin Islands , Czech Republic , Israel , Brazil, Norway , Italy , Paraguay , St Kitts and Nevis , Australia , Denmark , Finland , Latvia , Macau, Mongolia , Kazakhstan , JAMAICA , USA , Curacao and Dominican Republic.

Deanna Robins is confident she will be Jamaica's 4th Miss World.  The Miss World 2012 pageant will be held August 18th. Deanna is an environmental biology student from Kingston. She would like to one day work as a physiotherapist or doctor. She describes herself as a disciplined and hard-working person, and in her spare time she enjoys dancing, swimming and tennis. Let's her some love and support. We'll try and keep you updated on her journey. --Photo by eyeforbeautyblog.com

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