Deanna Robins makes top 5 at the Miss World 2012 Talent Finals

Deanna Robins makes top 5 at the Miss World 2012 Talent Finals

Deanna Robins, Miss Jamaica World 2012 made the top 5 at the Miss World 2012 Talent Finals held last night (Wednesday, 8 August) at the Ordos Theatre, with all 15 finalists performing in different arrays of acts. And the top five: Norway, Philippines, Jamaica, Panama, China. Robins is also one of only eight girls who made it in Top Model and Beach Beauty competitions.

Deanna's talent piece started with the opening chords of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" as she appeared in a dazzling sequinned headband with a black leotard striped with the Jamaican national colours. "She is lithe and gazelle-like doing splits and moving so fluidly, plus the joy on her face is captivating. She moves between the stage floor and then arcs heavenward with a series of leaps. Though it's graceful, it's also incredibly boisturous and fun and the audience are awestruck!." The Miss World Facebook page posted earlier today. Events still to come are Miss World Sports Woman, Miss World Top Model and of course the LIVE final - Miss World 2012 Saturday 18th August 2012.

"I performed a modern and contemporary dance to Bob Marley’s Redemption Song.", Deanna said about her performance. "The dance is a reflection of the hardships overcome and the eventual deliverance felt by the Jamaican slaves as a result of their perseverance and subsequent freedom." Deanna is an environmental biology student from Kingston. She would like to one day work as a physiotherapist or doctor. She describes herself as a disciplined and hard-working person, and in her spare time she enjoys dancing, swimming and tennis. See her Miss World 2012 Profile below.

Update: Twenty-four candidates got through the sports’ eliminator round and will take part in the Miss World Sports Final (being held today, 9th August 2012). They are: Australia, Austria, Barbados, Colombia, Dominican Republic, England, Germany, Guam, Guyana, Hungary, JAMAICA, Kazakhstan, Macau, Mexico, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Paraguay, Portugal, Scotland, Singapore, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey and Uganda.

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