Emancipated Callaloo Sandwich: Ode to the Jamaican Flag

Emancipated Callaloo Sandwich: Ode to the Jamaican Flag

I am in a total frenzy: An Emancipation/Olympic frenzy.  Jamaica has celebrated it's 50th Anniversay and I am also super excited about the olympics, especially for Shelly  Ann Fraser Pryce.  I am proud of all my Jamaican athletes but I am really feeling Shelly Ann's spirit. Maybe it is due to her being an inner city child from Water House, that makes me oh so proud.   Never the less, she has a jovial spirit.   I may not be in Jamaica right now but trust me, I am there in mind and spirit.  I am not a sports fanatic at all. I am not even a soccer mom. I enjoyed track and field as I child and  participated heavily in all the sports and physical activities while attending St Theresa's Prep. Those were the days I enjoyed the most.  As for soccer,  I recall watching my uncles play soccer on the ball field in Tivoli Gardens, where I was raised.  It wasn't until I attended Excelsior high, that I developed a fascination for soccer... but that was it. I migrated to American and  my new found inspiration was "living" in the kitchen which I also refer to as my Sanctuary.

With all the excitement and celebration, I had to represent. Jamaica is my homeland and regardless of where I may be residing geographically; I LOVE JAMAICA!!!! After watching Shelly Ann making her  victorious win, I was so inspired, that I woke up and put on my running shoes....I walked though....whoieee!  Yes I walked for a whopping hour. Can you believe it...one whole hour! Sweat was pouring through my pores as if I had the annointing of the Holy Spirit. Fi real....mi did a glisten di way how di sweat did a wash mi! I must say, I had fun walking though. It was invigorating.  It was now time for me to get into the kitchen and show my patriotism to my homeland, Jamaica.

For the last couple of days, I had been brainstorming, wondering: What the heck should I create that would represent the Jamaican Flag? I thought of a few different dishes.  I slept on it.  As soon as I awoke, it finally came to me. I was going to prepare Callaloo. After all, it was a Sunday morning and all Jamaicans can relate to Callaloo.  This was going to be the Emancipation Callaloo: Ode to the Jamaican Flag.

So, I waltzed my sexy ass in the kitchen, aka my Sanctuary. The Holy Spirit speaks to me while I am in the kitchen and being in my Sanctuary really calms my nerves, and everything that is done in my Sanctuary seems effortless. God gave me this gift of cooking and I sure as heck am gonna give the gift back to HIM.

My Ode to the Jamaican Flag is the Emancipation Callaloo Sandwich.  The ingredients includes but is not limited to  callaloo, okras, corn, black beans, yellow bell peppers, and fried plantains served on rosemary sea salt focaccia bread. Now focaccia isn't Jamaican. It is an Italian flat bread, flavored with olive oil and herbs. My name Angeline (which by the way is Italian) AND I am a food enthusiast, who refuses to limit myself to foods from other countries. I embrace food with such a passion, you would have to know me to understand. Whenever people from other origins ask about callaloo, I usually tell them it's Jamaican spinach. They are always willing to give it a try. Why? Everyone wants to eat and live a healthier lifestyle.

Not only is callaloo d'luscious, the health benefits are outstanding. I am in no way a health expert , neither do I claim to be one, but I do know one thing for sure. Vegetables are good for you.  I go hard on my veggies. If you are a vegetarian you will definitely appreciate this Sandwich. It is definitely a vegetarian delight.


Angelusciouauthenticdishes Angeline, A food enthusiast, has finessed the art of authentic Caribbean cuisine. She is author and editor of her website Angeluscious.com and fb.com/angelusciousauthenticdishes