Poem - Four by one

Poem - Four by one

Four by one
four fast man
all who did a talk
uno can kiss out wi claat
look how we run fast.

wen di beast tun up everything dun up
Nesta an Frater dem a run like dem a try fi catch a helicopter
bolt gone a lead all dem a feel his him breeze
a so di fastest man ina di world dweet.

World record a break a gi dem head ache
Jamaica Jamaica wi great
four by one
four fast man
Di gold a fi wi
wi too fast fi dem tek it from wi.
four by one, four fast man.

wi anthem a play
Everybody ina Jamaica feel great
dem wah catch wi dance
wi to di world pose dem want
All who did a chat seh bolt caa repeat dat
uno a idiot
di fastest man ina di world is back
an him bring di new kid on di block.
Four by one
Four fast man
Four gold medal
Tek di world record caa wi nuh fraid
Jamaica Jamaica Great. -- Written by LATOYA BECKS

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