Reading from The Book of Legends - Bolt 2 Vs 19-32

Reading from The Book of Legends - Bolt 2 Vs 19-32

19:And when they were all gathered in a certain place in the land of Lon, these swift men of many nations, Usain, he being the swiftest of the lot, did turn and say to his fellow brethren from the land of Jahm. 

20:Verily I shall go before thee to to prepare a place on the mountain for all of us and one shall stand on my right hand and the othe...r on my left.

21:For know thee this, there are precious metals on offer and it is written that we are the chosen ones and that we alone shall partake of the gold, silver and bronze which they have prepared for us on Olympia.

22:There shall be none before us.23:There shall be none with us on the mount of victory...

24: Verily shall the naysayers be silenced and they shall behold the people of Jahm 

25: And they shall say amongst themselves "What sign is this? How can a land so small produce such giants?" 

26: And they will be struck dumb. 

27: We shall cover ourselves with the Black, the Green and the Gold and show them the back of our spiked feet.

28: They shall try to overtake us on the curved path. They will fail. 

29:They will try to ambush us in the straits. But they will again fail, for we will have already passed that way. 

30:The tribe of Lewis shall make burnt offerings and pray that duppy will tek us but they will fail and be blinded, dumbfounded and confounded. 

31: You Yohan of the Beastly Tribe, and you young Warrior of the Tribe of Weir are the chosen ones to be with me in victory. 

32: Therefore I say unto thee brethren of Racers, come swiftly and tarry not in this starting place and I will meet thee both at the end of this chevroned path anon!

written by Dr. Stephen-Claude Hyatt, a Jamaican now residing in China. -Photo by Usain Bolt
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