The Simplicity of The Jamaica Fifty Female Fedora

The Simplicity of The Jamaica Fifty Female Fedora

As the words “Jamaica’s Fiftieth Independence” continues to ring throughout the air we see many Jamaican owned brands manufacturing new products to celebrate the joyous occasion. This is no exception for the trendsetters at Simple 1 Clothing. Their feature of the Jamaica Fifty Female Fedora is a twist on the classic that encompasses their idea of “keeping it simple.” Their design of a tiny turned up brim trimmed with black, green and yellow gives a classy look to its adorner and allows them to celebrate the Fiftieth in a “simple way.” 

This sleek style is available for the affordable prices of $2,200.00 JMD or $25USD and can be ordered from the designer at simple1clothing@gmail.com, tell them I am Jamaican sent ya. 'Like' them on Facebook at Simple 1 Clothing.

Plus get these pumps at Empress footwear to go along with it. What you think? Do you think you can pull it off? - Well it's only US$40 order it online:http://bit.ly/OC1TME

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