There is a PUMA YARD in London!

There is a PUMA YARD in London!

The new exciting Jamaican inspired theme bar released by the sports brand of Puma, seem to be creating a lot of buzz in Shoreditch, London. Puma Yard seems like the best chill spot to be, if you’re in London for the Olympics.

Even though it’s only here for the short period of time of the Olympics, this is not something to be missed out on.  You probably are wondering what’s so great about this spot. Well, it has many activities to engage in such as; ping pong, pool tables in the reception area, a photo booth with large puma accessories to pose with, a track to test you running skills, DJ playing a killer variety of music, and a lot more.

If that isn’t enough, there’s a Bob Marley tribute wall, a ‘Listening Wall’ of puma sneakers which; if you link a shoe to a headphones plays a popular reggae song from a specific era. And keep update with latest sports action on the rooftop bar, while enjoying some great tasting Jamaican cuisine.

And for those who are a fan of Usain “Lighting” Bolt, you can purchase some of the latest clothing designed inspired from him, as well as some limited designs by Cedella Marley.

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