Usain Bolt spikes auction for US $39,000

Usain Bolt spikes auction for US $39,000

A signed pair of running spikes from Usain Bolt sold well on July 23 as Olympic fever hits the UKA signed pair of Usain Bolt running spikes sold with remarkable results Monday night (July 23) at a Birmingham, UK charity auction.The shoes sold for an impressive £25,000 at the University of Birmingham.

Also featuring was a training vest that had been signed by members of the Jamaican team, which sold for £4,200. In the international spirit of the Olympics, all proceeds from the sale will support a life-changing opportunity for a Jamaican student to study at the University of Birmingham. The remarkable price achieved in the auction smashes the £2,000 paid for a pair of Bolt running shoes, which the star donated to footballer Didier Drogba's foundation in 2010.

Since 2008, Usain Bolt has established himself as one of the greatest sprinters in history, breaking six world records  - including beating the 100m record three times and the 200m record twice. With the help of his Jamaican teammates, he also set a new world record in the 4x 100m relay. Now an internationally renowned figure, his memorabilia is seeing excellent results at auction.


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