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Rasta Man Talks Stranger Out Of Suicide, Sings him a song

As with many others, this YouTuber’s  social experiments help to spread positivity around the world and give people an insight in to social issues within our society: the homeless, racism, and more.


This is Hooman Nouri, creator of HoomanTV: a YouTube comedy channel featuring content for the purpose of entertainment.

On his channel you can find hilarious public prank videos and social experiments that’ll change the way you think.

But earlier this year, Nouri captured something he previously thought was impossible. In one of his many social experiments, he told people he was considering ending his life due to recent loss of entire whole family in a house fire.

He then offered to give them all his money by writing them a cheque. Out of the fifteen people he approached, two of them said it was his choice and didn’t seem to care. The rest agreed to take his money. Only one person tried to convince this stranger not to commit suicide and refused to accept his life savings. A Jamaican ??. The video states he is homeless, but we doubt it! Watch and see.