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21 Clips That Sum Up What It’s Like To Have Jamaican Parents

1. They taught you the value of being financially independent.


2. They knew that constant snacking wasn’t in your best interest.

3. And that junk food wasn’t worth the money you paid for it.

4. They extolled the virtues of a hard day’s work.

5. And preached the benefits of a good education.

6. No matter what the cost.

 7. They knew the fulfillment that comes from helping others.

8. Especially when it comes to getting the remote control.

9. They implanted the adage “manners matter” into your upbringing

10. They gently reminded you that you would always be their “baby.”

11. They grounded in you the belief that cleanliness was next to godliness.

12. And the notion that “if you ask, you shall receive.”

13. But were careful to remind you that begging is not an admirable trait.

14. They could enforce discipline with a single look.

15. And they raised you to always be responsible for the messes you create.

16. They interpreted the phrase “time and tide wait for no man” to befit their lifestyle.

17. They mastered the art of communicating.

18. They trained us in the principle of “waste not, want not.”

19. They instructed you in the ways of good phone etiquette.

20. And knew that tea was the magical cure-all for any ailment.

21. And one thing’s for certain, they knew how to make a mean Sunday breakfast.