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“Bad Boy Trevor” demanded this woman to strip at a party, luckily Beenie Man intervened

It appears actor “Bad Boy Trevor” known for his role in the popular Jamaican play “Bashment Granny” wanted to turn Dancehall into a strip club arena, but thanks to Beenie Man, the “King of the Dancehall” who ran in and stopped what was about to happen.


WARNING: Explicit Language

The video uploaded to YouTube yesterday revealed that Trevor told a female to strip for money at a recent street dance called “Hotspot Tuesdays” in Kingston. Twenty-five seconds into the video, after the “Bad Boy” demanded the woman to strip and told the crowd to back up, Beenie Man could be heard shouting “fyahhh, fyahhh” repeatedly as he made his way to grab the microphone and stop the monstrosity that was about to take place.

In recent years, Sizzla Kalonji is one of the few Jamaican artistes to step up and speak out about the slackness that has given dancehall a bad image. Last December, Kalonji was direct and made sure those who have ears heard while he took aim at dancehall artistes Alkaline and Gage as well as selectors and fans who condone such lewdness. WARNING: Explicit language