Home Music Chronixx speaks on his “wasteman” comment about Obama

Chronixx speaks on his “wasteman” comment about Obama

Chronixx who is currently on tour in the US sat down with Billboard last week to shed some light on the “wasteman” comment he made about President Obama in April. This comes as the artiste had declined interview invitations leaving fans and supporters of Obama disappointed and angry about his ill-informed post about the POTUS.


Chronixx hailed as the Reggae Revival Movement’s leading light was not regarded as just another artiste throwing words; better was expected from the thoughtful idealistic singer. His successful “Capture Land” gigs across Jamaica in April saw his audience echoing every line of his songs which is a testament his music resonates with the post-dancehall generation widening his appeal and since outpaced others of the group. The POTUS who was on the island for less than 24 hours was welcomed by a spell-bound crowd. About two hours after Obama departed the island Chronixx took to Instagram to berate Obama as a “wasteman” for failing to exonerate Marcus Garvey’s criminal records. The “Smile Jamaica” singer, however, misjudged the backlash he would receive which lasted for about a week.

Chronixx later removed the post and reasoned that: