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President Obama Wrote A ‘Thank You’ Letter to Tony Rebel

Tony Rebel

President Obama has personally thanked Veteran Reggae Entertainer Tony Rebel for sending him a copy of his song, ‘Blackman Redemption’.


“When he came [in April] Germaine [the producer] got me some copies, we labelled it and set it up properly, and we dropped some off at Jamaica House and the American Embassy,” Tony said.

Tony Rebel — real name Patrick Barrett — said he received a three-paragraph letter dated June 11, bearing the US President’s signature, in which Obama referred to him by his real name saying ‘I was moved by your generosity’. He says he appreciates the love shown to Reggae by the US leader.

The song which features Queen Ifricka, Nikki Burt and produced by Donovan Germaine was inspired by Obama’s historic victory in the US presidential election in 2008, according to Tony.

” If [he] can appreciate Reggae music, cultural music, positive music that he can personally send thanks for it then we joyful about it. It’s good for the music, for the country, good for the culture, ” Tony said.