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Spotted : Buju Banton Performing In Prison

Photos floating around on social media over the weekend shows what appears to be incarcerated Reggae artiste Buju Banton (Mark Myrie) performing with what seems to be a band that consist of inmates. See the Jamaican flag in front the drumset in the picture below.


Banton, who is currently imprisoned at McRae Correctional Facility located in the US state of Georgia, is serving a 10-year sentence on drug-related charges. He was arrested at his South Florida home in December 2009 and indicted for conspiracy to distribute five or more kilogrammes of cocaine.

Buju Banton Performing in Prison . #Freebuju #gargamel

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The second photo which bears a camera date stamp also surfaced. The date stamp on the photo (08/08/2015) or Saturday, August 8, 2015, reveals that the photo was taken two weeks ago. We are not sure who obtained the photos, but I’m sure fans are happy to see the beloved Jamaican singer/deejay doing one of the many things he loves. In May, it was reported that Banton will be deported to Jamaica after his scheduled January 2019 release from prison. 

His arrest followed a sting operation at a Drug Enforcement Agency controlled warehouse in Tampa, which also resulted in the arrest of James Mack and Ian Thomas, who were attempting to purchase cocaine from undercover agents.