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Lady Saw is Now Officially a Born Again Christian

Shortly after her baptism on Monday, born again Christian Lady Saw shared a follow-up post on Instagram asking her fans to give her time to figure out what the Lord wants her to do next.


In her initial post, she asserted that she will be cancelling all her upcoming shows.

This is the best award I’ve ever received,” Marion Hall wrote, referring to the certificate of baptism shown above. This is her second baptism.

She has asked fans and well-wishers, who have been trying to reach her since the baptism, to give her some to time to figure out her next step. “I’m now asking all of you all over the world who’s been texting emailing phoning whatsaping, please give me some time to understand what god wants me to do next please. I know you want me all over the world, but please wait please.”

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The 43-year-old veteran, who said the lord spoke to her during the funeral service of dancehall artiste J Capri, confessed that, “The Lord has been speaking to me for years and I have been dodging him.”

Since turning over her life to God on Monday, the ‘new servant of the Lord’ has deleted all raunchy photos from her social media accounts. Her most recent was a semi-nude male model, who she indicated in her caption was going to be featured in her new music video for “Lay On Your Body”, which she uploaded on Sunday. The sexually suggestive track, which was produced by KonseQuence Muzik, along with a slew of others has since been removed from her Instagram account.