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Lady Saw To Perform at Her 1st Gospel Concert In March

Lady Saw will perform at her first Gospel concert this March in United States since her baptism in December 2015. She now prefers to be called by her real name, Marion Hall, but hopes to perform as Minister Hall in the future.


Hall, who has revealed this week that she is ‘about to go to school to do leadership and ministering‘ in the hopes of becoming a certified minister, says she has been recording and released a number of gospel singles since she was baptized as she prepares for the concert, dubbed the ‘Gospel Reggae Experience’.

The former Queen of the Dancehall is reportedly billed as one of the headline acts on Gospel Reggae Experience, set to take place at the Evander Child High School in Bronx, New York on March 27.

“I’m ready and excited,” told the Gleaner. “Just the fact that the Lord is using me and talking to me, I just feel honoured to be in His presence and to be a part of His flock.”


Hall said fans can expect a good show and says she will be performing songs like “Jesus in the End,” “Praise Him (2009),” “God Almighty (2013),” “Heaven (2014),” “Glory Be to God (2012)” and a few others, including some new material.

The show will also feature Cleveland ‘Stitchie’ Laing, who made a similar switch from dancehall to Gospel after giving his life to the Lord in the 1990s.

The born-again Christian and entertainer says that whatever shows she is billed for now, God is the headlining act.

“If I’m the headliner,” Hall said. “It’s not me who is getting the praise or the attention, it’s the Lord. I don’t really care about where they put me on the show. I’m just a vessel for Him.”

Hall says she not nervous about her first gospel concert. “People are coming to see me for different reasons. Some coming to wish you well, some coming to hear the Word, some coming to fas’, but I am open and I am just asking the Lord to lead me, put words in my mouth. Whatever the Lord tells me to do, I’m going to do it. He’s leading me all the way,” she said. “Some people may not know this, but I have quite a few gospel songs out already, so I have material that I can use for a show.”