‘My Dream’ By Nesbeth To Become The First Hit of 2016

Nesbeth‘s single ‘My Dream‘ is on its way to become the hit of 2016 out of Jamaica. The reggae artiste released a captivating, uplifting music video for the song Saturday evening.


“Based on the feedback that I’m getting from the streets, I can tell you that this song has surpassed just about every song that Nesbeth has done,” the 42-year-old revealed in a recent interview.  He has been busy promoting his ‘Dream’ since its released last October.

Nesbeth, who grew up in Trench Town, West Kingston, explains that the song is about “the manifestation of one’s thoughts; dreams; goal and aspiration — in other words the vibration that you send out is what you receive.” The singer added that, “while it’s important to have a dream, it’s more important to live the dream.”

In 2013, Nesbeth signed with Entertainment Soul, a UK-based record label and subsequently released an EP titled ‘VICTORY’ in November 2014. The ‘My Dream’ is also on the rise to become the artiste the biggest song since ‘Board House,’ released in 2007.

The musician, who recently returned to the island from his European tour, is scheduled to perform at Rebel Salute on January 15, 2016.

“Dream” rhythm is a fusion of Ethnic music and Reggae,” Nesbeth said. “Reggae is evolving, so I enjoy experimenting same as I have experimented with ‘Marijuana’ track from my current EP ‘VICTORY’ encompassing Rock influences with Reggae.”

Since ‘Board House,’ he released ‘Guns Out,’ ‘Baby Mother,’ ‘Friend For Sale,’ ‘Friend killa,’ ‘Drive By,’ and ‘A Nuh Suh Me Wan Live.’