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The Ganja Remix of Rihanna’s “Work” — “Herbs” by Keznamdi

Keznamdi has released an official visual for “Herbs,” the Ganja remix of Rihanna and Drake’s dancehall inspired single ‘Work.’


The Jamaican reggae singer adding “a little more roots” into Rih Rih’s chart-topping pop-dancehall hit. “To see Dancehall and Jamaican culture on that level, sung by Rihanna and Drake—I really loved it,” he told Fader, explaining that he laid the track down within an hour after a week of listening to Pop star’s latest album, Anti, on repeat. “I steam up the herbs, herbs, herbs, herbs” he sings.

“I wanted to put a little more roots in there, so you see a lot more Jamaican culture,” he said, noting that the song is a little political too. “Marijuana advocacy is very special to me so whatever way I can get the message to people I try to, and I believe this also served as a good opportunity.”

Inspired by Work’s visual, the video was shot in a purple-glowing room, but tricked out with chalices, homegrown plants, and an appearance from reggae artiste Keida.