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Popcaan Arrested in Antigua After Altercation With Police, Fans Say Police Wrong

Dancehall artiste Popcaan was arrested and taken into custody, following an altercation with a policeman at the Antigua Trades and Labour Union rally in Fort James, Antigua on Monday.


During popcaan’s performance on stage, a number of patrons climbed onto the stage. The police, who were there to maintain Law and Order, went on stage to remove the patrons and to protect the artiste. However, while the policeman was forcibly carrying out his  duty,  popcaan made a plea with the officer to be more gentle with the fan.

“Yeh man, a unruly party… a unruly Boss deh yah, suh yuh know unruly things affi gwan,” Popcaan said.

“Police.. tek time wid him police, mi done tell yuh nuh deal wid dem suh rough,” the Unruly Boss said before he walked over to try and assist the fan in exiting the stage.

However, things then got physical between Popcaan and the policeman, where they push each other. The police officer could be seen reaching for his gun which then lead to the premature end to the show. Popcaan dropped the microphone and walk off stage but was later arrested and manhandled by the cops. Upon hearing news of his arrest, patrons began throwing bottles onto the stage.

In another clip, Popcaan, while being escorted by police officers into a vehicle, can be seen trying to exit the vehicle on the opposite side accusing the police of ‘bussin’ his mouth.


According to the Antigua Observer, Popcaan was arrested and taken into custody by the police to prevent any further breach of the peace. He is likely to be charged with Assault and Battery of a Police Officer; Obstructing a Police Officer and disorderly conduct. The incident occurred around 2 a.m. on Tuesday.