Home Music Koffee’s ‘Toast’ made Obama’s Summer 2019 Playlist

Koffee’s ‘Toast’ made Obama’s Summer 2019 Playlist

Koffee's 'Toast' made Obama's Summer 2019 Playlist

Koffee, named Mikayla Simpson, might be small, but the impact that she has made on Jamaica and its reggae scene has been mighty.


Koffee’s breakout single ‘Toast’ is listed high up on former President Barack Obama’s summer 2019 playlist — that’s a pretty cool place to be for the world to see.

“With summer winding down, here’s a sampling of what Michelle and I have been listening to — some new, some old, some fast, some slow,” Obama wrote on Twitter. “Hope you enjoy.”

She also received a cosign from Rihanna earlier this year, when RiRi posted a video of herself singing along to “Toast” on her way to Buju’s concert in Barbados in March.

A Koffee and Rihanna collab may be on the way as the 19-year-old star has earned an impressive number of cosigns in the past year.

Ever since Koffee uploaded a video of herself singing to her Instagram account she has been on a steep rise. In the short clip, she strummed her acoustic guitar and performed “Legend,” a record she’d written as a tribute to the country’s famed track star Usain Bolt — which went viral after Bolt
 reposted it to his own account.