Home News Lisa Hanna involved in Car Crash on Highway 2000

Lisa Hanna involved in Car Crash on Highway 2000

The Youth and Culture Minister, Lisa Hanna was whisked off to the hospital after she was involved in an accident on the Spanish Town leg of Highway 2000 on Sunday evening.


Hanna was a passenger in a Toyota Corolla motor vehicle heading into Kingston which crashed after trying to swerve out the way of the scene of another accident but slammed into the back of a Honda Accord after it slowed down swiftly upon approaching an accident on the highway, according to the Jamaica Gleaner. Her driver was also injured. 

The minister was taken to a private hospital by police personnel and reportedly underwent x-Ray examination and CT scans before being released. The occupants of the Honda Accord were also taken to the hospital for minor injuries and were released.

The Miss World 1993 has since thanked her concerned following and shared a photo of the damaged vehicle on Instagram along with the caption:

“Thank you for the concern. There was an existing accident on the highway and the cars had no lights, we swerved out of the way. God is great! I was on the passenger side in the front. P and I were able to walk out of the car and taken to the hospital”.


Hanna took to Instagram a few hours ago to expressed gratitude after escaping major injuries in the motor vehicle collision Sunday night. “I want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers,” she wrote in a post with a photo.


“My driver and I are safely at home… No broken bones or fractures, but we have been asked to rest,” she continued, emphasizing that is a difficult task for her.

The minister also noted that her thoughts and prayers are with the other people who had been involved in another crash and had been rushed to hospital before her collision.