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Jamaicans Outraged at Man Slaughtering a Donkey

A video has surfaced on Facebook showing two men, who appear to be Chinese, struggling to pull a donkey, and then later tied the animal to a post before one of the two slaughtered it.


At the 45-second mark in the video upload on Tuesday, two of now three Chinese men could be seen in chef attire. The females in the 2:30-minute video could be heard saying they are going ‘skin’ the donkey similar to how they ‘skin’ a goat or a cow. Warning: viewer discretion is advised !

It’s has been a rumored for years that some Chinese on the island eat dogs to which many Jamaicans have deemed repugnant. Now seeing a donkey being slaughtered for meat is equally outrageous and disgusting to those who have seen the video. They have also expressed dismay at their fellow Jamaicans who could be heard laughing in the video.

Just last month thousands of dogs and cats were slaughtered at a Chinese festival despite government promises to crack down in China’s southern Guangxi province . The act has been condemned internationally on grounds of animal cruelty. It is unclear where in Jamaica the video was shot. We’ll update as more information becomes available.