Home News Jamaica confirms 2 new cases of COVID-19, Bringing Total To 10

Jamaica confirms 2 new cases of COVID-19, Bringing Total To 10

The Ministry of Health & Wellness is reporting that two new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed on the island, the ministry announced today, Saturday, March 15. This is following the results from the National Influenza Centre, where 19 tests were conducted in the last 24 hours. Seventeen (17) of the cases tested were negative.


The country now has a total of 10 confirmed cases. One of the new cases was identified through contact tracing relating to the index case (Patient 1), while the second patient presented at a hospital with a travel history to Trinidad and Tobago and had symptoms similar to COVID-19. Both persons were isolated and samples tested.

The seventeen (17) other patients from Kingston and St. Andrew, St. Ann and Clarendon were identified through contact tracing from confirmed cases, where a similar protocol was observed to isolate and test.

All 19 cases will remain in isolation until the healthcare team is reasonably satisfied that their symptoms have subsided.

Up to Saturday, March 14, 2020, all 27 patients in isolation remain stable, including patients 1 and 2, who are now asymptomatic.

The Ministry wishes to remind all persons, who suspect that they have had exposure to COVID-19 and are displaying symptoms to self-isolate immediately and contact the Ministry of Health & Wellness at 888-ONE-LOVE 6635683 or 888 7547792 for further instructions.