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Floyd Mayweather is of Jamaican descent

Jamaican roots can be traced to some of the greatest people in the world


Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr., 38, the undefeated welterweight, “The Greatest Ever”, and most polarizing is of Jamaican descent, according to Deborah Sinclair, his mother.

Sinclair told Spencer Fearon, a boxing promoter and media personality, late 2009 that Floyd too is of Jamaican descent. Both Fearon and cameraman, Former WBO World Middleweight Champion, Jason Matthews both of Jamaican parentage, got the big news when Mayweather Jr.’s visit to London’s Peacock gym to workout. Jamaicans can be found on every corner of the planet. Watch video below.

It’s not always good if the money is still coming in. A Jamaican woman proved that with just two lines last year: “I don’t know you, so what’s the big deal?” After beating Manny Pacquiao by unanimous decision on Saturday night, FloydMayweather‘s net worth is expected to rise to $330 million. Mayweather took home close to $180 million in revenue from the fight, a pay-per-view event so popular that it crashed for many customers due to high traffic. It’s a 37 percent rise in net worth for Mayweather, while Pacquiao, who raked in somewhere around $120 million, experienced a 36 percent increase in his net worth, which now sits at $300 million.In essence, the 36-minutes, 12-round fight made Mayweather $5 million per minute.