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Gone Viral: No One Expected Asafa Powell To Do This

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If you’re a human being that has used the Internet/social media often in the past few days, you’d have probably came across the “Don’t Judge Challenge” that’s blowing up right now. It’s where people, namely #youths, upload videos of themselves as “ugly” versions of themselves, then hold their hands up to the camera only to reveal their “true, beautiful” selves. Asafa Powell joined in the ‘fun’ yesterday hours before being beaten by Justin Gatlin today and over 16,000 people loved it.


However, the “Don’t Judge Challenge” has seen its share of backlash in the past few days, and for good reason. What was supposedly started as a body positive movement was quickly realized to be the exact opposite of that, further enforcing mainstream beauty ideals and ridicule for those who don’t meet them. Videos showed up on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram of people who drew on “flaws” like acne and unibrows only to then reveal their true “not ugly” selves. So Asafa is innocent, right? Not really, but we’re sure he saw the opportunity — like everyone else — to make his fans laugh and took it.

#DONTJUDGECHALLENGE avec mon petit frère #Dontjudge #omg 😅

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As much as the Internet can be a sad garbage wasteland, it usually finds ways to make up for it. The “Beauty In All Challenge” was started in response to the “Don’t Judge Challenge” and has since garnered thousands of tweets of people embracing the things that make them different. It all started with this tweet on July 6 and has since gained momentum.

And then thousands started doing so.