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Support Grows Worldwide for Jamaica, Now the Favorite to Win Gold Cup Final!

As we countdown the hours before the Jamaica vs. Mexico match in the Gold Cup Final, we have seen a lot of predictions and hearing a lot of talk since the Jamaica made history on Wednesday. Both online and on talk shows, it now appears that the Reggae Boyz are the favorites to win against Mexico on Sundays’ historic match at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia at 7:30 pm ET.


Where to watch: Fox Sports 1, Univision or Sportsnet

Since the start of the Gold Cup tournament, critics, as well as fans, had doubts that they would even make it to the semi-finals.


But the Reggae Boyz have been playing well and have proven to the world that they are focused, confident and determined to defeat any team they are enlisted to play. The Boyz have been chopping down team after team, then on Wednesday, they stunned the whole United States of America, who were the huge favorites to win the Gold Cup, in the semi-finals. In fact, ESPN’s Soccer Power Index (SPI), a rating system which uses historical data on both the international and club level to predict the outcome of a match, showed the Jamaican team an 11% chance of advancing while the U.S had an 89%, however, that wasn’t the result. Jamaica made history as the first Caribbean team to advance to the Gold Cup Final.

Spi -JAM vs US

However, on Friday, they displayed another SPI the day ahead the first time finalist take on a suspicious Mexican on the Lincoln Financial Field. It shows that Jamaica has a 23% of winning the final.


However, at this point the Reggae Boyz are extremely confident. Let’s go Reggae Boyz!