Home Sports Category 4 Hurricane #Matthew Accelerating Toward Haiti and Jamaica

Category 4 Hurricane #Matthew Accelerating Toward Haiti and Jamaica

Hurricane Matthew has strengthened as it moves closer to Jamaica but remains a powerful category 4 hurricane. Wind speeds increased from 140MPH (11 a.m. ET) up to 145MPH (2 P.M ET).


Matthew is now about 295 miles (475 km) south-southeast of Kingston, Jamaica. A turn toward to the north is expected tonight, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center, Miami, FL. On the forecast track, the centre of Matthew will approach south-western Haiti and Jamaica on Monday. The system is currently moving north-west at 5MPH up from 3MPH (11 A.M ET).

Uncertainty is still considerable on the critical details of this system.

Matthew continues to find its new direction toward the north. For Haiti and Jamaica, exactly what direction Matthew takes will have an enormous impact on the exact rainfall and winds that each location will receive.

Projected Path and Intensity
Projected Path and Intensity

Note that even though certain locations may not be in the cone of uncertainty, impacts will be spread well beyond the edge of the cone.

Some fluctuations in intensity are possible during the next couple of days, but Matthew is expected to remain a powerful hurricane into Tuesday.