Home Sports Reggae Girlz on strike after not being paid by Jamaica Football Federation

Reggae Girlz on strike after not being paid by Jamaica Football Federation

Reggae Girlz on strike after not being paid

Jamaica women’s national football team, The Reggae Girlz, has refused to play or train, claiming they have not been paid even months after competing in the nation’s first-ever Women’s World Cup.


On Monday, the players launched a “No Pay, No Play” campaign on social media, and announced that until the JFF pays them all of the money they are owed, the women will not be attending any training camps or competing in any events — including a crucial Olympic qualifying tournament at the end of this month.

Midfielder Khadija Shaw was first to reveal on Instagram that the team is “in a position where we are literally fighting just to get paid by legal agreements.”

Jamaica became the first Caribbean team to qualify the 2019 Women’s World Cup and scored a goal in its group stage finale in a 4-1 loss to Australia. The team also competed at this summer’s Pan American Games and finished seventh, beating Peru 1-0 in its final match.

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“This ain’t just about money, it’s about change, change in the way women football is viewed especially in Jamaica,” Shaw wrote on Instagram. “We deserve more and they can do better. For this reason, I along with my teammates won’t be participating in any future tournaments until being paid.”

Defender Allyson Swaby also reposted the same graphic on her account, writing, “The monetary incentives can be small and are often not a reflection of the time and dedication we put into our sport. We fought for change and became the first Jamaican women’s football team to sign contracts with our federation. These contracts symbolize the respect we deserve and intend to receive. For this reason, I along with my teammates, will not be participating in any games or training sessions until the contract has been fulfilled. ”