Home Style Meet This Stunning Jamaican Model With Thick Luscious Locs and Exotic Features

Meet This Stunning Jamaican Model With Thick Luscious Locs and Exotic Features

With her unique exotic features in addition to trademark thick luscious locs, model Monifa Miller is stunning. She is no ordinary model; this natural beauty is indeed an inspirational empress.


In January of 2011, Monifa started her modeling career after much encouragement from friends and family. With her 5’4 petite stature and flowing dark locs, she has left lasting impressions on those who have laid eyes on her. You see can why.

Nubian Warrior Goddess
Nubian Warrior Goddess.  Photographer: Brian Fuller. MUA: Beautifulone Artistry GA. Oct 2011

She is always known as a friendly and loving young lady among her peers as well as a leader. She has an infectious personality, sense of humor, and a positive energy about her that people naturally gravitate towards her. After an injury to her leg as a teen, she never imagined she would eventually trade her studs in for heels.

Photographer: Robert P. McGlon. Make-up Artist: Nicole Mewhiney

Born May 6, 1987, Monifa Nicole Yemisi Miller was the last born and only girl to Jamaican parents. Nothing short of a tomboy growing up, she excelled in football (Soccer), track, as well as academics. She continues to receive calls from numerous photographers, designers and make-up artists, both local and internationally.


Photographer : Damion King Hair: Shakean Crawford

Miller has been featured on many business websites, a commercial, as Miss May 2011 Kamoy’s Beauty of the month, and featured in HHK Magazine debut issue. The Jamaican beauty has graced many runways in New York City including a show for New York Fashion Week, for international renowned designer Rocky Gathercole, she continues to remain focused on the genres of Fashion, Editorial, and Hair.

Photographer : Damion King Hair: Shakean Crawford

Outside of modeling, she has humanitarian dreams and hopes to show that she’s not just another pretty face in the photograph. She wants to bring about not just awareness to global and social issues but solutions and action.

Photographer: Damion King Hair: Shakean Crawford

Inspired immensely by sons, children are her passion and through them she hopes to empower them to help change their own futures. Her message to young men and woman, worldwide, is the importance of self-love and acceptance then being comfortable in the skin you’re in. “It’s okay to be different and to walk the road others see as strange. Inner beauty is from a clean heart, open mind, and outer comes from the “flaws” God blessed you with,” says Monifa.

In addition to her modeling career, traveling, music, the arts, culturally related activities, photography, and sports, Monifa still loves spending time with her family predominantly her sons and husband. She loves her Jamaican culture, taking pride and representing it proudly.

Keep your eyes open because she’s getting prepared for the challenges ahead that she knows she will endure. She’s thankful for the support and love from family, friends, and her already vast international following that she refers to as her extended global family.

For more information on Ms. Miller, visit her Facebook page, Instagram, or contact her at [Monifa.miller5687 @ gmail.com]