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There are Bob Marley-Themed Hotel Rooms in Bali, Indonesia

In Bali, Indonesia you will find the Rhadana Kuta, a Thematic Boutique and Modern Moslem Friendly Hotel. With 70 rooms with different themes, you will experience ‘sleeping’ with Bob Marley or real bicycle hanging on your bed.


Beatles, Santana, Bob Marley and Queen are some of the themes that you could choose in Rhadana Kuta Hotel. The music themes are available in Business Room type, Premium Room type and Studio Room Type. Each had been tastefully put together to represent the theme whilst still providing guest comfort. The hotel does not offer pork or alcohol on its premises.

The Bob Marley Hotel Room

Nestled in what seems to be a residential area, the Rhadana Hotel Kuta is somewhat of a museum — not just a hotel. The owner has an expansive collection of ornaments, books, models and so much more that he has incorporated into the design of the hotel. Throughout the property glass cabinets house his collections that he has gathered over the years.

Other rooms in the hotel included a Garuda Indonesia room and the Bicycle rooms for the fitness enthusiast. Imagine a Bob Marley Hotel in Jamaica.

The Beatles room
The Beatles room