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Someone Is Super Pissed Because Jamaicans Are Celebrating

It’s normal that while we celebrate others hate, but this is a different story. While most Jamaicans were busy cheering on #TeamJamaica and sharing the team’s accomplishments online during the 9-day IAAF World Championships, which ended on Sunday, it appears they pissed off an “ex” Jamaican(?) in the process. “I’m sick of you stupid Jamaicans always posting these stupid races and talking shit as if you are somebody,” reads a screenshot of a Facebook message, which only shows the time sent.


Team Jamaica amassed 12 medals to sit in second place on the medal table behind Kenya but ahead of America and Great Britain. “You can run fast, big f*cking deal!!! But America will always be better than you in everything else so get that tru your thick skulls,” the anonymous hater writes. We get haters all the time but what ticked off most Jamaicans is the last line of the message that reads “I’m glad the day I migrated and will never ever set foot back on that shit island.” Read the message below.

Source: Facebook

The Americans finished third behind Kenya and Jamaica, with six golds to their seven each. The U.S. amassed 18 total medals, the most of any nation, but that is its worst showing at a world championship since 2003, according the Wall Street Journal.