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Popcaan Dropped a Drake Dubplate at Redbull Culture Clash in UK

The 2016 Red Bull Culture Clash was filled with excitement inside The O₂ Arena in London today, and the lineup was bigger than ever. The clash, based on traditional soundclash culture in Jamaica, featured four different crews with acts representing regions from all over the world: Eskimo Dance, Mixpak, UKG All Stars, and Wiz Khalifa and Taylor Gang Entertainment.


Brooklyn-based label Mixpak featured some of the hottest dancehall acts coming out of both New York and Jamaica, which included Spice, Tony Matterhorn and Kranium, with team leader Popcaan, who dropped the biggest dubplate of the clash in the final round to win the crown: Drake – One Dance Watch below.

Team Mixpak won the clash and were awarded the Red Bull Culture Clash trophy and invited to defend their title at the 2017 Red Bull Culture Clash in London.


The Culture Clash had four crews—each representing different sounds and genres—going head-to-head. The crews had to take the stage with killer dubs, special guests, performances and surprises to win crown support and claim the crown. This year’s clash was not only a great one but a difficult one to judge by the audience.

Each round is won by crowd reaction, pure and simple – the audience decides who is the best in terms of originality, performance, song selection, and energy. The final call rested with the hosts based on noise amongst the audience measured by a decibel reader.

Eskimo Dance set off the clash with the help of its founder and the man known as the Godfather of Grime, Wiley. The third spot was given to the UKG All Stars, featuring some of the best UK garage acts. Last, but not least, the clash was completed by Wiz Khalifa and his Taylor Gang, which also included Ty Dolla $ign.


Round 1: Pressure Drop.  — Winner: UKG All Stars 
With 10 minutes per crew, each team had to turn up and bring the best vibes in The O₂ Arena.

Round 2: The Selector — Winner: TheEskimoDance.
With 15 minutes per crew, DJs were allowed to play any style, and crews were judged purely on tune selection.

Round 3: Sleeping With The Enemy — Winner: Mixpak
10 minutes per crew, crews twist it, playing an opponent’s style of music. Big test. The mighty may fall.

Round 4: Armageddon  — Winner: Mixpak
2 x 5 minutes per crew. Clashing crews had to pull out their biggest anthems. This is the final round, so double points and double daring! Note: The livestream audience decided who had the right to play the very last set.

The first ever Red Bull Culture Clash took place in February 2010 at London’s Roundhouse, as part of Red Bull Music Academy.