Home News Alexia Davidson, First Jamaican student accepted to prestigious Yale-NUS

Alexia Davidson, First Jamaican student accepted to prestigious Yale-NUS

Photo:  Jamaica Observer
Photo: Jamaica Observer

Alexia Davidson is the very first Jamaican to be accepted to the Yale-NUS (a collaboration between Yale University and the National University of Singapore), one of the most sought after universities in Singapore where the acceptance rate is under 4 percent. Davidson won a scholarship worth in excess of 90 percent of her college costs, amounting to about US$37,000 per year.


“She is probably one of the most dedicated students anyone will ever find,” said her father, O’neil Davidson. “She has been an ‘A’ student from kindergarten all the way through high school,” he told the Sunday Observer.

The 18-year-old student who graduates from the prestigious all-girls Hampton School in a week’s time has 10 distinctions and two credits in CSEC exams and six distinctions at CAPE, as well as a cabinet full of numerous awards.

Her mother, Kay Davidson told the Sunday Observer “I couldn’t ask for more as a mother, I couldn’t ask for more from a child.”

For Alexia, who leaves for her new school in late July, the scholarship to Yale-NUS is a dream achieved. Her ambition is to major in computer science, but the curriculum provides opportunities to explore and travel beyond Singapore’s borders, which she clearly relishes. There is no doubt Alexia will make Hampton and Jamaica proud. The Jamaica Observer sat with her and her parents at their home in Southfield, St Elizabeth last week. You may read the article in full here.