Instagram Now Supports Landscape and Portrait Media

Are your fit pics on Instagram terrible because you’re forced to constrain yourself to the 1×1 aspect ratio of the square photo? Do you hate having to download third party apps just so your fly gear pops up into the feed with white bars on the side like you’re some kind of struggle artist? Well, Instagram has either read your mind or heard your gripes because according to Wired, it’s finally dropping the square-only format for good.


Ever since Instagram came into the world, it’s required users to make their photos square. if you wanted to flip that portrait or landscape photo into a ‘gram, you’d either have to crop the shit out of it or use another app to make it work. We all know how janky both of those options can look if you’re not committed. Now, with the new update that’s rolling out as we speak, there’s no need for that mess. You can upload all those portrait-oriented mirror selfie/fit pic shots right onto the ‘Gram with no hassle at all when the new update rolls out. On the feed itself, you’ll see the shots in their originally intended, glorious format with taller or wider photos coming up with no borders around them while your profile page will still have a small, cropped square so your page remains a nice, gridded pattern. You can already see the update in action thanks to the new Star Wars, which dropped a teaser clip.

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This is a boon to anyone who can’t stand framing up their mirror shots or #lifestyle ‘grams with squares. I feel the pain. Shit forces you to zoom out to get a full body shot and then you can’t see any of the fire details on your jawnz. Finally, the greatest problem facing Four Pins readers today has been solved. Thank you, Instagram. Thank you.