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Jamaicans Gave 100 Million Users on Snapchat a Glimpse of The 876 Life

On Sunday, Snapchat notified users in Jamaica that on Monday Jamaica would be a featured location in their messaging mobile application for 24 hours. As part of its regular “Live Stories” feature, the idea is to give the app’s nearly 100 million daily users a look at what the Real Jamaica looks like.


Live Stories are a curated stream of user submitted Snaps from a specific location.

The company has been highlighting different cities/countries from around the world for awhile now to grow its user base.

This means that the Jamaican users of the application had the opportunity to give Snapchat’s users from around the world a glimpse what of life on the island is like with the use of photos and videos for one full day. And then, 24 hours later, they will all disappear.

After the announcement, naturally, a Jamaican wanted to know if the PM was going fix the road if he participated. #Jokes Check his location.

Jamaican twitter user ‘unruly pineapple’ urged fellow Jamaicans to expose the PM’s inability.

Another asked if he was suppose to dress properly for the day. #Jokes

Speaking with the La Times in a phone interview, a Kingston-based social media marketer said that people were excited for a chance to show off their country. “Some people think it’s just Bob Marley and the beach,” she said. “But we’re so much more.” More tweets poured in following the announcement:


To see the clips hand-picked by Snapchat, the company which has a valuation of up to $20 Billion, users had to download the app, open it, sign up, swipe left, and click ‘Jamaica’ to see the clips curated by a curation team.

Screenshot from the app/snapchat

On Monday:

The first Jamaican Snap was cool. It showed one of our dancers dancing, naturally.

Screenshots from the app


  A 200-second video has been posted on our page: I AM A JAMAICAN


A video posted by View Jamaica (@viewjamaica) on

As our fellow Jamaicans watch their native counterparts’ clips, they shared their thoughts on twitter:

Then came mr. stereotype:

Some tried to get our food highlighted. You who made the cut here

After hours and a 120-second compilation by Snapchat’s curation team it was evident that:

So a fellow yard-man took to twitter to say: